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Quality turf grass is far and away our most valued ground cover. Appealing to the eye and soft under foot, with generally few problems. If there is an issue to deal with it is thatch (dead roots and stems that develop over years). Thatch becomes an incubator of insects and disease once it has matured. Dethatching is one method to deal with its overgrowth but not that effective. Core aeration is the best way at this time to help maintain nutrient movement to the root zone through the thatch.

Core Aeration - The process of removing thousands of cores from the soil structure creating space for nutrient exchange and soil left on top will help to naturally decay thatch.

Lawn Renovation - The combination of core aeration and slice seeding (cutting grooves through soil and dropping seed in) can be the most cost effective way to seed a lawn.

Organic Lawn Care - You have a different perspective for results. Green grass but very tolerant of weeds. We offer a Turkey base organic fertilizer that will deliver deep long lasting color. Many customers enjoy the flowers in lawn as well as the green grass.

Soil Testing - Primarily trouble shooting when a lawn has persistent color or growth issues. We would look for ph value and/or nutrient levels.
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