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At Advanced Ecology we love turf grass. It is the single most important ingredient in your landscape. An attractive lawn adds value and pride to your home as well as the neighborhood.

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Turf grass in the north east whether its Kentucky blue, bent, rye, or fescue all have the same basic nutrient requirements. Therefore our one basic program will supply a green, weed and insect free lawn year in and year out.

High quality slow release fertilizer is used year long. Giving us even deep color season long while reducing any potential for nitrate leeching. Our goal is deliver quality tuff grass with no side effects to the earth. Our licensed and trained employees have years of experience handling, applications, storage and clean up of pesticides and fertilizers so you don't have to.

We don't like gimmicks. We just like quality turf and plant material. We take pride in the lawns we care for. Let us take that pride to your lawn. The quote is free and the price will be competitive.

I hope we can help.

Thanks, Mike McCool

Advanced Ecology

Our Services

We our proud to offer our professional lawn care specialist services to our clients.

Basic Lawn Program

Our five applications of slow release fertilize, complete insect control and lime will supply all the nutrients and preventives your lawn will need for the season.

Core Aeration

The process of removing thousands of cores from the soil structure creating space for nutrient exchange and soil left on top will help to naturally decay thatch.

Lawn Renovation/Seeding

The combination of core aeration and slice seeding (cutting grooves through soil and dropping seed in) can be the most cost effective way to seed a lawn.

Trusted Experienced Lawn Care Specialist